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James Merlin is a Cambridge-based magician and mind reader.

As a magician he entertains with cards, coins, little red boxes and tin cans! As a mind reader (or mentalist) he entertains with pieces of paper, cardboard, and that other 2-dimensional prop - his brain!

He is one of the most versatile performers on the circuit and works tables at parties, dinners, and corporate functions. Each evening is tailored to the needs of the client, and can include as many (or as few) card tricks as you'd like!


James Merlin is an accomplished performer of close-up material, performed in his hands - and that of his spectators - giving no room to hide boxes, gimmicks, or camera tricks. This type of magic is truly mystifying.


This magic is performed at the tables of a trade show, corporate event, or dinner party. Every person is involved in the magic, leading to a truly wonderful evening.

Walk-around and icebreakers

He can also perform in a walk-around environment, without a table, and often performs with keys, ropes, chains, and little red boxes. This is ideal for weddings and trade show floors.

What is Mentalism?

This is explained in the opening line of the show, "Hello - I am James Merlin. But despite the name, I am not a magician like my namesake. Instead, I'm what is often termed "a mentalist". I use my existing five senses to create the function of a sixth: I listen to vocal intonation, I look for body language tells, and so on."

A reviewer once wrote

"James Merlin is the Derren Brown of Cambridge"

That should give you an idea of what to expect from a James Merlin show!

Zoom magic

Although less popular than it was in 2020, James Merlin still has an interactive Zoom show

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The chain escape

Performing on the street, for St Albans

Ice-breaking Magic

Performing a card trick for the London FAB networking event


Without anything up his sleeves, or anywhere to idea, James Merlin performs at the Cambridge Town and Country fair

With the Magic Circle

Here, James Merlin performs at the world-famous magic club in London

On stage

The Junction theatre in Cambridge

Zoom Magic

A memory of times past, when magic was performed only online

Book him

Every event is different - it can vary by time, location, duration, number of guests, and so on. Consequently, every quote is tailored to your specific needs. Please get in touch to find out!

James Merlin works mainly in the London, Hertfordshire, and Cambridgeshire areas, but he will travel across the country and all around the world to entertain his public! Please contact us to determine his availibility!


"...it really added a special element to the day"

Teresa Hurley Bedfordshire Down's Syndrome Support Group, after the "Family Fun Day"


"...your magic enhanced the atmosphere and enjoyment"

Fiona Simpson, Salvation Army, from the "Auction of promises" event


"Absolutely stunning magic. I could not have been more impressed"

Rajan Singh Bharj Wedding planner


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