James Merlin

James Merlin

...to make your event magical

James Merlin is perhaps best known his "mentalism" act for stage and platform audiences across London.

But what is a mentalist? The opening line of the show tells all...

"Hello - I am James Merlin. But despite the name, I am not a magician like my namesake. Instead, I'm what is often termed "a mentalist". I use my existing five senses to create the function of a sixth: I listen to vocal intonation, I look for body language tells, and so on."

As people often say,

"If you've seen Derren Brown on the TV, you'll know the sort of psychology mind tricks that are possible as a result."

In his one hour show, James will read the minds of his audience, project new thoughts into them, and finish with a special version of Russian Roulette.

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