As a showman, the stage makes James Merlin comfortable enough to perform his bigger, and more special, illusions. He has three main shows:

The Untold Dracula Tales

This one hour show is for adults only, and features knives, blood, glass eating, blood, the occult, blood, and horror. He tells the story of how the real-life Dracula got his taste for blood, starting in his youth, and ending with his years as a magician performing the linking rings routine... using barbed wire rings.

The Family Show

Ever wanted a family magic show, like you used to enjoy on the TV? Well, this is it! Want to see the sawing a woman in half? You got it! Want to see the three card monte done with metre-high playing cards? You got it!

The Mentalism Show

Experience the power of the mind, and how easy it can be manipulated, with world-class demonstrations of mind-over-matter. In the show James will read the minds of his audience, project new thoughts into them, and finish with a special version of Russian Roulette.